The Book Marketing Snowball

{My personal|My own} book manuscripts, contracted fictional work, literary competition {distribution|syndication} and other prized work, however, I never {create|write|construct} online. Further, I never upload these materials {unless of course|except if|until} the publisher makes the {request|ask for} me to publish {for their|with their} secure site or the competition supplies a secure application site with uploading capabilities. I read submission guidelines and {agreements|deals} before uploading my work. For book contracts, you will probably want to {check with|talk to} a legal professional, preferably one {acquainted with|knowledgeable about} {mental|perceptive|intelligent} property rights. Usually, {posting|building|creation} agreement details are {worked well|proved helpful|performed} out with the ordering entity, such as my book publisher, literary {publications|magazines|periodicals} or magazines prior to the upload, unless the submission is unsolicited (another story).

Actually when ticking the "Terms of Use" box, an author can violate an exclusivity {terms|offer|term} and lose an {contract|arrangement} by posting commissioned writing online after assigning certain of those rights a publisher or distributor.

{Putting your signature on|Placing your signature to|Affixing your signature to} over certain rights or risking the loss of certain rights to other site users will probably be worth it to you professionally to work with the site. That is a decision {you require|you will need|you may need} to make before you post or submit. {We are|I actually is|My spouse and i is} not saying do not post. I {was|are|have always been} saying you may need to make adjustments to what and how much of the original work you post. Placing watermarks on your photographs or artwork may help. {Nevertheless ,|Yet ,} I heard some {technicians|specialists} bragging that they have developed software to remove watermarks. Protect {your projects|your job|work}, but still be wary of sharing original work. {In the event that|In the event|If perhaps} you do upload original photographs and artwork, reduce the size of the file to the point that its reproduction will not be fully available.

Keep in mind, though, that many websites that do not commission your writing for real money may still offer value in career branding and {various kinds|different kinds} of professional {publicity|direct exposure|coverage}.

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