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it's estimated 1 in 10 men has a problem related to having intercourse, which include untimely ejaculation or erectile disorder. find out greater thru the links below.
Sexual issues can affect any man, whether or not he is straight, homosexual, bisexual or transgender.
Erectile dysfunction (impotence)
this is whilst a man can not get, or maintain, an erection. most men experience it at a while in their life, and the causes can be bodily or mental.
physical reasons encompass heart disease, diabetes and raised blood pressure. Alcohol, smoking and illegal capsules, in addition to some prescription drug treatments, can also reason erectile problems.
issues about work, money, your dating, own family, and even stressful approximately not getting an erection can all be factors
find out greater about erectile dysfunction.
untimely ejaculation
this is when a person ejaculates (comes) earlier than he wants to at some point of sex. it's most effective a problem if it bothers him or his accomplice.
causes can include anxiety approximately sexual performance, strain, unresolved troubles in a relationship, or despair.
you could see your GP or a psychosexual therapist for help.
find out extra about premature ejaculation.
loss of intercourse force
dropping your sex pressure, or libido, is common. it could be related to various of factors, inclusive of dating problems, strain, anxiety and aspect consequences of medication.
there's help available. speak to your GP, or get in touch with the Sexual recommendation association.
discover more approximately loss of libido.
talking approximately your problems can help. discover greater approximately relationship counselling at Relate.

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